About us

Digital Magics is an incubator of digital projects that provides consultation and acceleration services for startups and companies, in order to facilitate the development of new technological businesses.

Founded by Enrico Gasperini, Alberto Fioravanti – among the first Web entrepreneurs in Italy – Gabriele Ronchini and Bibop G. Gresta, all professionals with extensive experience in the digital market.

In July 2013 Digital Magics makes its debut on AIM Italia – Alternative Capital Market dedicated to Italian SMEs with high growth potential, organised and managed by the Italian Stock Exchange (symbol: DM).

Digital Magics is a business incubator: it builds and develops digital businesses, by working alongside the founders of the startups and by providing acceleration services. Therefore it supports the startups to create successful projects, from conception to IPO.

It offers strategic support and services for the digital transformation and Open Innovation of Italian companies. Complementary services are the investment activities, which have produced over the years a portfolio of over 70 investments in startups, scaleups and digital spinoffs with high growth rates.


Digital Magics has signed an agreement with Talent Garden (TAG), the largest European coworking network, to support their development with the aim to open new campuses in Italy and Europe.

The incubator and its startups have the opportunity to access the TAG network. Within the co-working campuses of TAG, located throughout Italy, are active incubation and Open Innovation services managed by Digital Magics, with the goal of developing 100 startups.

Digital Magics has partnered with Tamburi Investment Partners (TIP) to encourage further investments in startups and scaleups, to develop Open Innovation programs and programs of digitisation of Italian companies of excellence.


The Digital Magics model is unique in Italy and is based on:

  • a team of solid business and digital experience that identifies, designs, develops and launches new initiatives, by providing an array of services to startups, including mentorship, strategic and admnistrative services, in addition to technological and communication/marketing, including support of business management able to accelerate the growth process of the startup. Thanks to the agreement with TAG, Digital Magics  also offers logistics services.
  • close cooperation with private investors, institutional funds and corporate partners, who support Digital Magics’ startups and scaleups on a financial and industrial level, through “club deal” and programs of Open Innovation.


Digital Magics designs and develops programs of Open Innovation to support Italian companies in their process of internal innovation, by creating a strategic bridge with the entire ecosystem of startups and by providing:

  • information services, strategic consulting and training for the top management, finalised at the digital innovation and at the collaboration with the ecosystem of innovators
  • business support services for investments in the digital sector, such as scenario analysis, scouting for new talent and technology, support to programs of corporate venture capital and acceleration programs of spinoffs
  • guidance services for the creation of product innovation, processes and innovative technological applications conceived by the startups.

The services provided by the incubator are integrated with those offered by Talent Garden – participated in by Digital Magics – also specialising in the design of information and innovation events, in addition to the design of “unconventional” workspaces and hospitality in campuses.