An incubator is useful even when advising you to change course before it is too late, so you can imagine how useful it is when it is ready to invest in you.

We have acquired experiences – both successful and painful – that enable us to provide advice and potentially help the startup to take its first steps towards the path of growth that can bring it, in a few months, to transform itself from a young innovative company to a mature enterprise.

After having being selected from among the proposals that are received daily, startups entering Digital Magics’ world can benefit from a development program that includes a “full immersion” incubation, which provides a real path of “acceleration”, lasting from 3 to 6 months. Such incubation serves as a preparatory period leading to the presentation of the project to network of investors, comprised of major Banks, Investment Funds, Venture Capital, Business Angels and Family Angels.

The objective is to create and enhance the assets of the fledgling enterprise: from team to the technology platform, from trade agreements to the traction metrics.

During this period, Digital Magics will give the startup all that is required to make it grow, adding expertise, resources and relationships to the team:

  • one partner, a professional who accompanies the startup in its path and who has already got years of experience under their belt in the world of startups, competent and who can support every aspect of the startup in its path to growth
  • one Mentor, based in the geographical area in which the startup operates, he is aware of the rules and the potential difficulties, he will be a humane and professional reference, capable of advising, of being an example, with an ability to create opportunities in the real market, the one with which to compare oneself against
  • the LAB, Technology Development Center, with experts in technology, graphics, code development, and professionals in growth hacking, to acquire interesting traction metrics within a short time span, useful to validate the model
  • business Development: the feather in our cap. Through relationships and synergies, opportunities are a daily prospect
  • support in terms of positioning of the startup, its marketing and communication strategy, campaign testing, defining acquisition costs, etc…
  • support to the formulation of the business model and the preparation of the business plan, from market analysis to any other necessity
  • coaching for a convincing and effective pitch, in addition to the preparation for the presentation to access the funds, VC,
  • etc…

Furthermore, Digital Magics provides:

  • logistical support, space and services needed on hand to be able to work without the typical worries of running an office within Talent Garden co-working campuses
  • administrative and accounting management
  • legal support
  • and why not, psychological support if ever needed.

All in exchange for a minority stake of the nascent company and for the total commitment from the team to be incubated.

Thanks to the alliance with Talent Garden and Tamburi Investment Partners, Digital Magics’ services of incubation and acceleration for startups and scaleups have also been enhanced through:

  • the widespread presence in all Talent Garden campuses with the mentorship of local partners
  • the participation of startups in business programs of Open Innovation
  • the extension of the services of acceleration up to the pre-IPO stage
  • the extension of the Angel Network nationwide.
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