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The program, in collaboration with Healthware International, intends to support digital startups in the healthcare sector and to develop programs of ‘Open Innovation’ for Italian companies and public health

Milan, April 28, 2016Digital Magics, business incubator listed on AIM Market Italia of the Italian Stock Exchange (symbol: DM), in partnership with Healthware International, a multinational company focused on counselling services and health communication strategy, launches Digital Magics Healthtech, an acceleration program specialized for digital startups of the health sector.

Digital Magics Healthtech integrates the incubation experience and the knowledge of Digital Magics innovative startups with the expertise in the digital transformation of Healthware and in particular the HealthwareLabs division, launched in 2015 in the US and recently active in Europe as of a few months ago, entirely focused on providing services to startups in the health field and innovation projects for pharmaceutical companies.

Roberto Ascione, the CEO of Healthware, will be in charge of Digital Magics Healthtech and will coordinate the Partners of the  incubator and the consulting firm, which will evaluate together the Italian ideas and projects.

The new Digital Magics Healthtech program will allow digital startups within the healthcare field to access a single incubation path and 360° integrated acceleration, ranging from product or service development to the structuring of the business model, from the first seed funding to the launch onto the market, from managerial support for the Italian market to internationalisation.

Digital Magics Healthtech also addresses public health, pharmaceutical companies, healthcare companies and Italian companies – operating within the markets for consumer health, wellness and medical devices – to design and develop Open Innovation programs, generating added value and creating internal innovation through the interaction with the ecosystem of digital startups, with the aim to reduce costs and improve services within the industrial and hospital operators.

Thanks to the partnership between Digital Magics and Healthware, venture capital funds will have access to a portfolio of high quality innovative startups with high growth potential and high technological value.

Roberto Ascione, CEO of Healthware International and partner of Digital Magics Healthtech, declares: “The technology applied to health and healthcare is drastically revolutionising these sectors worldwide. Startups play a fundamental role in the development of new products and services to improve the lives of patients and innovating the internal processes of the companies. “

Gabriele Ronchini, Founder and Managing Director of Digital Magics for Portfolio Development, said: “The emergence of investment funds specialised in digital health in Italy, such as Innogest Capital II, Principia III – Health and Panakès I, shows that the interest toward digital health is large in our country too.”

Layla Pavone, Managing Director of Digital Magics for Industry Innovation, says: “In 2014, the spending on ICT infrastructure in the Italian healthcare system has begun to grow again, but a digital roadmap is required and as Digital Magics Healthtech we believe we can have a strategic role and be a major player in this field, both in the public and private sectors, to help develop strategic plans for innovation.”

This press release is online on  in the section Investor Relations – Press Release.

Digital Magics, listed on AIM Italia (symbol: DM), is an incubator of digital projects that provides consulting services and acceleration services to startups and enterprises, to facilitate the development of new technological businesses. Thanks to the partnership with Talent Garden and Tamburi Investment Partners, Digital Magics has created the most important national platform for innovation for DIGITAL MADE IN ITALY, by offering services for the digital transformation and “Open Innovation” to excellent enterprises, while providing support to innovative startups to create successful projects, from conception to IPO. The incubation and acceleration services offered by Digital Magics are active in the TAG co-working campuses present throughout Italy. Complementary services include investment activities, which have produced over the years a portfolio of 55 investments in startups, scaleups and digital spinoffs with high growth rates. Accelerated companies are flanked by Digital Magics LAB, a team of highly experienced business partners, and benefit not only from the large network of private and institutional investors that support them through “club deals”, but also from the many partner companies that support them on an industrial scale.

Integrae SIM acts as a Nomad and Specialist under the AIM Italia Issuers Regulations. For communication transmissions, Digital Magics makes use of the SDIR-NIS circuit, operated by BIt Market Services, a subsidiary of the London Stock Exchange Group


Healthware International is a next generation agency for health communication combining strategic consulting services and creativity with innovation and technology, creating value for all stakeholders, existing and emerging in the health area. Thanks to the passion for interactions between humans and technology, to a deeper understanding of the health ecosystem and thanks to its innovative soul, Healthware harnesses the power of technology to improve health and to guide its customers in transforming their business. Founded about 20 years ago in Italy, Healthware is now an independent global agency, firmly ranked among the top 100 in the world, with a global presence in London, Milan, New York, Rome and Salerno.

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