Domenico Soriano

Partner of Digital Magics Napoli

Passionate about the Technologies  and overall about the many IT aspects, he took part, since the earliest years of his university attendance, to many major and pioneers internet projects, processing, during the years, to the launch, bootstrap and management of several companies.

Within the first years of his carreer he worked as freelance in the italian rising  IT field, actively participating to national and international projects commissioned by organizations such as Ericsson, Telecom,, Accenture and Tiscali.

Manager and entrepreneur since 2000, he has held the positions of:

CTO of ITsys Ltd, a major private company highly skilled in managing the IT system integration on behalf of which he has actively participated to its early startup stage.

CTO and co-founder of Nexsoft S.p.A., a consultancy company focused and specialized in Information Technology and Development of System Integration services and solutions.

Domenico Soriano is Partner of Digital Magics Napoli. Soriano is co-founder and CEO of Eclettica and he is co-founder and Chairman of Skillme.

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