Enrico Gasperini

Founder (1962-2015)

Enrico Gasperini, (1962-2015), began his entrepreneurial activity after graduating in Computer Science. He began experimenting with new digital systems combined with intelligent interfaces as early as the 1990s.

He has been one of the pioneers in the construction and dissemination of digital culture and Internet in Italy: his career is in fact closely linked to the passion for innovation and enhancement of digital technology. This is why he has always worked actively for the structural growth of the Italian digital economy.

In 1988 he founded Inferentia, the first new media agency in Italy that specialised in providing services for online marketing. In 2000 Inferentia was listed on Nuovo Mercato of the Italian Stock Exchange, thus becoming – initially under the name of Inferentia DNM, then later as Fullsix – a European leader in the sector.

In 2003 he embarked upon a new challenge: founding Digital Magics, a certified incubator of innovative digital startups with content and services that possess high technological value. The business incubator Digital Magics has founded over 70 initiatives that have contributed to the development of the entire online sector in Italy, overseeing all the areas of expertise in the digital market. In July 2013 Digital Magics was listed on AIM Italia, market for small and medium-sized Italian enterprises with high growth potential, organised and managed by the Italian Stock Exchange (symbol: DM).

Enrico Gasperini has also been President of Audiweb, Joint Industry Commettee that detects audience data of the Internet within Italy, offering quantitative and qualitative data to the market, as concerns the fruition of the web by its users.

Since 2004, Enrico Gasperini has been the President of the Digital Sector of ASSOCOM (Association of communications companies), and from April to December 2013 he was the interim President of ASSOCOM.  He was part of ASSOCOM Executive Council of Assocom.

Enrigo Gasperini passed away prematurely in November 2015

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