Gennaro Tesone


Gennaro Tesone was born 1975 and He graduated in Computer Engineering at Naples University Federico II. After his degree, He started his career in IT area and got a very quick growth thanks to his strong rational competence, accrediting himself in the biggest business solution networks: Sales VP and afterward CEO in Nexsoft Spa, which is also Member of the Board of Directors, 0infinito CEO, TechinTouch srl co-founder.

In 2012 – with Digital Magics and Domenico Soriano – he founds Digital Magics Napoli an innovative startup incubator for South Italy placed in Salerno, and he’s CEO.

Eclectic, creative and interested in many things, He’s got three main passions in his life: informatics, his family and Naples, taken as a country full of history, passion and cultural ferment, but also as a football team.​

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