Marco De Palma

Senior Advisor

Marco De Palma, was born in Naples and is married with two children, he started his professional career as a lawyer in Paris, during the mid-nineties.

A profession which he gave up after a short tenure to take care of sales, distribution and development of commercial networks, during the course of the following decade. He operated successfully in a variety of industrial sectors – from food to tourism to fashion – both in Italy and in major European markets, gaining a wide variety of experiences, and achieving significant results in terms of growth in turnover and in market shares.

In 2007 he entered  the publishing world as a CEO of a local company dedicated to specialised ads, also with direct responsibility for organisation and human resources. Over the next two years, he repositioned the newspaper on the market and started handling the negotiations for the acquisition of the company by a nationwide newspaper, Secondamano. He became CEO of the latter, redefing the general direction and strategy of the company, including its governance structure, the development of human resources, incentive systems and the creation of new professional roles.

By 2012 he had come into contact with the world of startups for the first time, by becoming the founder and director of a Seed Accelerator, ‘Withfounders’, which is now an established point of reference in the Italian arena of business accelerators.
Over time he obtained further assignments of consulting and entrepreneurial nature in startups. In 2016 he participated in the creation of ‘Simbiosity’, a startup that deals with talents in the world of innovation.

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