Riccardo Ruscalla

Partner of Digital Magics Torino

Born in 1983 in Turin, Riccardo represents the third generation of family business. After his master degree in economics from SDA Bocconi, Riccardo began his career in Tubosider main company of Gruppo Ruscalla Holding today a world leader in the production of guard rails, steel culverts, stormwater tanks and other steel products for the road safety industry.

He currently holds the position of Chief Operating Officer and Member of the Board of Directors.

Intrigued by the many facets of the business Riccardo follows several investments through the family holding company active in the construction, energy and agriculture industry.

Since 2012 he is co-founder of iStarter, a private business accelerator, since 2013 he is a member of the “Club degli investitori” of Turin and since 2015 Riccardo is a member of the Aspen Institute.

In 2018 Riccardo Ruscalla becomes Partner of Digital Magics Torino.

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