menu A Digital Magics Napoli scaleup is the platform for modern corporate barter. – digital innovative startup of the incubator Digital Magics – is a B2B trade credit circuit. In its first three years of activity the startup has affiliated with 550 companies throughout Italy, allowing the exchange, through complementary currency, between goods and services across several sectors, from industry to commerce,  including the service industry and agricultural industry, to  professionals.

The system is based on the BarterCorporate Barter or Barter Trading, a business practice that enables small and medium-sized enterprises the multilateral goods or services exchange in compensation. The English word ‘Barter’ means to exchange goods in kind, as was done before the advent of monetary systems. The innovative  character lies in multilateral exchange of goods and services through the hiring of credit by those who sell and purchase debts, against circuit members. Those  credits can be used for other sales and other purchases to be made afterwards.

This mechanism allows the smooth movement of trade, guaranteed by the maturity of assets and liabilities within the circuit.

The strength of the Barter System rests in the ability to buy raw materials, semi-finished products and services of various kinds, even without liquidity, paying for what you purchase with your own core products and  services. The practice of Barter is, therefore, a great opportunity, especially during periods of economic difficulty such as the present, which sees inflation soar, a lack of liquidity and the credit crunch.

But the usefulness of barter business is especially confirmed by the many companies that are in the circuit is a concrete alternative to the traditional system of trading, which is accompanied by offering more possibilities of buying and selling.

Through Bartering you can buy and sell without affecting liquidity, selling self-produced goods and disposing of the inventory before they become obsolete, even at a late date.

The development on a larger scale of has the aim of making the Barter strategy an economic system and exchange increasingly integrated within the traditional one based on  liquid capital, so that more and more companies may rely on itsCambimerci’s innovative management ofcredit, obtaining benefits in terms of  productivity, growth, and marketing.

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