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CENTY has developed a smart coin counter managed entirely remotely via app.

CENTY has developed a smart coin counter managed entirely remotely via app, which aims to resolve the problem of loose 1, 2 and 5 cent coins across Europe. The machine, present in airports, shopping malls and supermarkets, thanks to the Centy app will be able to recognise the user who, once inserting the euro cents into the coin counter, will then choose where to credit the calculated amount. The user can then convert it into electronic money (depositing it into a savings account for example, or using it to purchase content such as movies, music, applications, or even donating it to charity) alternatively they can turn it into points, discounts, and promotions (to be associated with loyalty cards in supermarkets and shops).

The startup is forging relationships with retail brands, service companies, telecommunications and media, thus creating  dedicated and personalised coin counters, with the integration of the app Centy. The goal is to put tens of millions of euros in small coins back into the economic system, for the benefit of: users, who will have immediate availability of credit and direct savings thanks to promotions; partner companies, which will increase the number of customers, also fostering loyalty in the existing ones; GDO, a sector that needs coins of all denominations and the Italian Mint, which will save the enormous cost of minting.

The prototype of the machine, manufactured in Italy, will be available by 2017, fully compliant to the ECB certification and guaranteed for over 1 million transactions.

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