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DigitalBees is a marketplace specialized in quality video content management.

DigitalBees is a marketplace specialized in quality video content management. We deal high-standard editorial contents licenses, making them available for publisher through every digital device: from desktop to connected TV. Our proprietary technology is constantly updated to meet editorial and advertising markets growing needs, offering dynamic and customizable solutions. Amongst most relevant features, DigitalBees provides advertisers with preroll targeting opportunity allowing specific content category matching, offers creative agencies and brands a video medium to deliver branded contents and create special editorial projects. Last but not least: we created the first Native Video Widget.

This native format is the answer to the current need – both from publishers and advertisers – of quality video contents. The video play-window is dynamically populated according to the user activity. This maximizes users experience, while granting the publisher the opportunity to highlight specific contents according to its editorial policy, further improving both contents standards and advertising appeal. The Native Video Widget in fact also allows adv investors to exploit a dedicated space around the widget itself – namely a special skin format – in addition to the adv preroll. The result is a responsive advertising position, of great impact though non-invasive.

Digitalbees mission is to provide digital publishers with the best video content selection and simultaneously develop innovative “in-video formats” in order to enhance both their editorial and advertising assets. Warner Music, PerformGroup, CondéNast, Radio Deejay, RCS, are just some of the many partners already active on the DigitalBees B2B video marketplace.

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