Eclettica A Digital Magics Napoli scaleup

Eclettica develops customised software and System Integration solutions.

Eclettica develops customized software and System Integration solutions. According to its business plan, Eclettica has acquied the software lab and the service center of the company Nexsoft, from which it originates, inheriting, therefore, skills, solutions and agreements. Thanks to this established legacy Eclettica has got the opportunity to forceful enter the market of the Italian big company such as Fastweb, Selex (Finmeccanica), Consorzio Bancomat, Eustema, CNR. The intimate knowledge acquired by the Eclettica key staff concerning outsourcing, solution management, application delivery, infrastructure and services, will enable Eclettica to enter the market with the most cutting edge solutions, promptly responding its customers’ needs, both in the public and private sectors.

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