Eggup A Digital Magics Roma startup

Eggup is aimed to create high-performing teams and to provide real assessments to improve the efficiency.

The idea behind Eggup is that the company success is directly proportional to the skills of the people who make the company itself. When you have to work as a team to reach a common goal, team-working, together with the technical skills of your team’s members, is paramount to the company success. To make efficient and effective teams,it is essential to be aware that people are not “machines”; rather, they are human beings, and what counts the most is how the different personalities of the team intertwine. Eggup points to research, HR and outplacement companies, headhunters, management of medium and large companies’ personnel,strategic consulting firms, with a two-fold objective: creating high-performing teams, and providing real assessments to improve the efficiency, the involvement and the cooperation level among the working team members. By paying serious attention to soft skills, Eggup gives the right value to the social dimension of work.

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