GRAMPiT A Digital Magics Roma startup

GRAMPiT is the system that provides active assistance to the elderly.

GRAMPiT is the system that provides active assistance to the elderly and allows family members to monitor their activities and manage emergencies from anywhere.

GRAMPiT reminds to the elderly of important things at exactly the right time, it provides environmental and person monitoring verifying that activities are carried out regularly and it provides emergency management informing the family when something wrong occurs.

The service is based on dedicated hardware devices and software integrated with commonly used technologies. GRAMPiT Voice spreads voice messages, reminders and instructions throughout the house at exactly the right times. When necessary, it can request feedback from the assisted by asking them to press an illuminated button.

GRAMPiT Gateway controls and connects the hardware present in the environments inhabited by the elderly with the remote service. No additional connection service is necessary, GRAMPiT Gateway is completely independent of equipment and third party services, which are not typically found in elderly persons’ homes (ADSL, WiFi).

The system includes sensors to detect daily activities and to monitor the presence of the person. GRAMPiT also include a tracker app to always know where the elderly is when outside their home. The system can be managed and supervised by the family from anywhere.

GRAMPiT has joined also in the acceleration program Digital Magics HealthTech – in partnership with Healthware International – specialized in digital startups of the health industry.

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