Growish A Digital Magics startup

Growish: collect & pay.

Growish  – an innovative startup of the incubator Digital Magics – is the first Italian collective payment service allowing people to raise money for anything and everything and fulfill any wish.

Friends, relatives and colleagues living in different cities, regions, and countries are now able to share the costs of anything by contributing with others for any occasion (Christmas, birthdays, weddings, graduations, newborns, anniversaries, travels, and so on). Thanks to its innovative group payment system, collecting money with Growish is fast, easy and safe.

Start collecting, invite other participants via e-mail or Facebook, and monitor your collection. When the goal or the deadline is reached you can transfer the money to your bank account or choose a gift from more than 100 retailers in the form of giftcards including Alitalia, Amazon, Cisalfa, Chicco, Coin, Eataly, iTunes, Mondadori, Trony, UPIM, Zalando.

This innovative system – completely free of charge if you choose a gift from Growish partners – accepts all major payment methods (Visa, Mastercard, Postepay) and allows people to pay via credit or debit cards, prepaid cards or bank transfers. The Italian startup has already signed agreements with several e-commerce websites that are integrating the clickable button “Pay with Growish” into their homepages, in order to allow customers to start a “group collection” for the chosen product; simply by clicking on the Growish button, users will be able to invite their friends to participate, and once the total amount of money is collected, the gift will be shipped directly to any address.

Recently, Growish launched, a collective payment service for weddings, to allow the bride and groom to collect the monetary value of gifts rather than the gifts themselves, in order to financially aid their wedding.

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