House4Crowd A Digital Magics Napoli startup

House4Crowd is a real estate equity crowdfunding platform

House4Crowd is a real estate equity crowdfunding platform that digitalizes real estate investments.

House4Crowd allows anyone to make investments starting from €500 in a property with higher market returns. Investors can build their own real estate portfolio by choosing among different types of property asset. Investors will receive a yield from rental income after the deduction of operating costs and a yield from sale proceeds when the property is sold.

Each property is valuated by a third-party professional team supported by big data analysis in order to offer the best deal to House4Crowd investors. In our business model, investors can buy shares of a company (mostly a newco) that subsequently acquires the property published in our platform.

Every House4Crowd investors has an online private area where he/she can track how his/her investments are performing.

House4Crowd does the hard work, sourcing properties and making all documental and technical due diligence, so that anyone can get the benefit and not the hassle of beeing a landlord.

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