Intertwine A Digital Magics Napoli startup

Intertwine is an editing online multimedia platform that allows users to create, share and publish their ideas collaboratively.

Intertwine means “to twist or twine together”.

The word “twine” can refer to a combination of facts and events that make up the plot of a story, and the verb “to twine” can refer to connect and build relationships, in its meaning of “to interlace”.

Intertwine users can create, share and publish collaborative storytelling. They can give birth to stories, throw in new ideas, start new projects or add pieces to existing ones, therefore creating real collaborative works, without any limitations on space or topic.
The idea, the story or the project will be enriched by other users contributions (texts, videos or images).
Once the creative process is complete, the original author will choose the most valuable contributions, creating an Intertbook, that is to say; an “enriched” multimedia e-book.

Intertbooks will be sold on the main digital delivery platforms, generating revenues for the original author, for the contributors, and of course, for the platform itself.

Intertwine’s mission is to realize a new entertainment product to merge the characteristics of a classic book with digital communication and social networks.

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