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Mimesi operates in the field of media monitoring and press releases.

Mimesi operates in the field of media monitoring and press releases using an innovative production method that processes all articles in full digital format by means of dedicated proprietary software.

With the development of online media, Mimesi has expanded its range of services and today provides a structured service across four product lines: Press Releases, Web & Social Media Monitoring, Analysis & Media Reputation, Audio-Video Review. In line with its objective of offering a service in step with the times, in 2012, Mimesi360 was created, an analysis platform that brings together articles in the print media with web articles and posts published on blogs, forums and social networks.

Digital Magics entered the capital of Mimesi in June 2014, with the aim of contributing to the development of digital services and products. In May 2016, as part of an agreement with the ownership, Digital Magics sold its stake for a value corresponding to approximately 3 times the initial investment.

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