Morpheos A Digital Magics Palermo startup.

Morpheos is an innovative startup that develops Momo, the robotic assistant for the Smart Home.

Morpheos is an innovative startup that develops Momo – The Home Genius, the robotic assistant for the Smart Home that enhances your life thanks to its Artificial Intelligence.

The idea came about from observing our behavior in the home, energy waste and the “common good sense” adopted by every household in running a home efficiently. Our research into the challenges the average family faces, in relation to their habits and technology, led to Momo that offers and intelligent system to manage home security and comfort for the home and our families.

Momo requires no set up – simply plug it in. Thanks to its Artificial Intelligence, it analyzes its environment, recognizing people objects, and sounds, creating more comfortable and secure home spaces, and learning the household habits and replicates our interactions and records any changes we make.

It can adjust lighting and temperature and using its sensors it detects any vents such as gas leaks or unidentified presences in the home), sending an alert to the user’s mobile phone.

You can interact with Momo using messaging applications (such as Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Skype) or directly using the app. where the smart devices already present in the home can be managed.

Momo can recognize and manage smart devices autonomously or based on user preferences, thanks to the use of two communication protocols (Z-wave and ZigBee) that are the most widely adopted in the smart home market. Broad interoperability between devices allows the user to choose the product they prefer without limiting their features.

Momo, designed and made in Italy, is also an attractive lamp whose light can be adjusted thanks to a light level sensor and changes in scenario.

Morpheos is the first Digital Magics Palermo startup, the headquarters of Digital Magics in Sicily.

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