Quomi A Digital Magics startup

With Quomi you can skip the grocery shopping and get the best products directly at home.

How many times have we asked ourselves, “What should I cook tonight?”, maybe we lacked the time and  desire to buy some groceries, or perhaps we’ve thought “I always eat the same things, I’d like to try something new”? Lack of time leads to always buying the same ingredients and eating the same things. Quomi helps its customers to find recipes and eat good and genuinely healthy products, giving them the possibility to change their diet according to the principles of the Mediterranean diet.

For this reason, Quomi offers a delivery service that allows customers to receive a weekly box with fresh, pre-portioned ingredients conveniently to their doorstep. Each recipe is inspired by the typical values ​​of the Mediterranean diet, the menus are designed with the right combination of red and white meats, fish, vegetables and cereals.

It’s enough to follow the simple directions given in the supplied cards to create unique dishes and to impress family and friends. Quomi also helps to reduce food wastage and to always bring healthy and genuine products to the table guaranteed.

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