Tripoow A Digital Magics Palermo startup

Tripoow is the first smart digital Tour Operator.

Tripoow is an innovative startup founded in 2016. It aims to innovate the methods of conception, organization and digital booking of the holidays.

Tripoow is the first smart digital Tour Operator on the market: through geolocation and budget setting, it is able to show all the solutions falling within that budget including flight, accommodation and ancillaries at the most convenient price, within the solar year, with three simple clicks:

  1. the user enters the budget at his disposal
  2. Tripoow processes and shows the possible destinations reachable with that budget, diversified by weekend, week or long journey
  3. the user chooses the combination of flight + accommodation + ancillaries according to their needs and makes the reservation.

The result is an overview of all the possible solutions with your budget, booking a complete trip in 4 minutes at a much lower price.

Tripoow aspires to become the 360 ​​° tool for planning, booking and managing your trip, assisting the traveler at all times: from planning, to booking and the proposal of significant places and attractions.

The real challenge is represented by the integration of multi-modal travel planning to allow travelers to optimize their travels and to move more easily by booking and purchasing with a click tickets for train, plane, subway, bus, service car sharing and parking.

Furthermore, we are working on the Itinerary Optimization, a system that will calculate optimal visit itineraries divided by days of stay and variables depending on the type of trip chosen. Therefore, Tripoow will build the itinerary based on the experience that the traveler intends to live on the trip, always paying attention to the good quality-price ratio.

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