Ulaola A Digital Magics startup

Ulaola is the first marketplace dedicated to Made in Italy products.

Ulaola is an Italian start up, jointly owned by the certified incubator Digital Magics and other stakeholders. It is the first marketplace dedicated to Made in Italy products: Italian excellence, artisans, designers, creative people, small fashion companies, art houses and food “makers” which produce innovative Italian products and want to export them abroad. Ulaola offers to “merchants” added value services and a very performing e-commerce platform to be present with their e-shops. Ulaola wants to provide an international e-mall to the world of Italian makers that otherwise, standing alone, could not reach international customers and business opportunities.  Ulaola puts itself forward as the premier online channel for the export of Italian brands.

Ulaola works with, supports and promotes merchants through any service which can usefully enhance their international presence. Being on ulaola is not just about promoting a product and taking advantage of the supply chain, it means also having their own online shops where they can display distinctive values and characteristics of their products, professional pictures to show individual products, increase sales opportunities with promotion tools and have the opportunity to make themselves known to retail international buyers through a B2B tool.

Last but not least ulaola and Digital Magics signed a very important agreement with Confartigianato, the most important Italian association representing 700.000 artisans, with the objective to help all artisans/markers to be on board of the project.

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