WIKIRE A Digital Magics startup

WIKIRE is a online platform dedicated to real estate agents.

WIKIRE is the first Italian innovative startup to have developed a online platform dedicated to real estate agents who are officially qualified and registered with the Chamber of Commerce. WIKIRE is divided into two parts: and is an MLS (multiple listing service) technology platform. It is “social”, open and flexible, and it allows an agent to share their portfolio with all agents registered or with their own private network of colleagues, which can be created autonomously and easily. promises to increase business opportunities for agencies (more real estate property for customer requests and more customer requests for real estate properties, automatic intersections between supply and demand). Thanks to WIKIRE, agencies will have the possiblity to compete and collaborate with each other. has the ultimate goal to become the largest real estate database – official and institutional – with the function of providing data to make estimates and valuations of property, also integrating other MLS and preexisting management systems. is a portal of real estate ads placed only by professionals of real estate. The website will increase the quality of the information in terms of control, update and precision, giving more transparency and reliability to users who look for a property on the web.

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