Wishlist A Digital Magics startup

Wishlist offers an elegant gift box (Online & offline) 100% customisable from products to personal inscription, to the cover image.

Wishlist, is an innovative startup that reinvents the way of gift giving, allowing users to always give the perfect gift by leaving the final choice to the recipient. The elegant gift box (virtual or printed) is 100% customisable; from the choice of products, the inscription, and all the way  to the cover.

The Recipient only needs to choose their own gift, and Wishlist delivers it free of charge right to the recipient’s door in a matter of a few days. You can find Wishlist in supermarkets, bookstores, travel agencies, as well as online etc.

The following can be found on Wishlist:

  • Over two hundred selected brands (and rising)
  • Over thousands of products always available
  • Maximum customisation of your gift

Furthermore for business purposes, companies use Wishlist business service because:

  • Easy to maximise the appreciation for the gift without having to deal with the delivery process
  • Hassle free, Wishlist takes care of the shipping, delivery, tracking, and customer care.
  • Organise prize contests, and incentive and loyalty programs that can be activated with a click with no setup fees.

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