YoAgents A Digital Magics startup

YoAgents developed the online platform to create commercial networks "on demand" and "open" for the sale of digital services on the Internet.

YoAgents is the innovative startup which developed the online platform to create commercial networks “on demand” and “open” for the sale of digital services on the Internet such as bookings, billings, payments, e-commerce, warehouse management, product catalogs to browse, advertising, social media marketing, etc…

Born within the incubator Digital Magics, YoAgents is designed for agents and representatives, duly authorised and enrolled in the Chambers of Commerce, so they can expand their portfolio with the most innovative services for their customers, available on the web and ready to be sold throughout the country. They can also receive bonuses and prizes by companies for their work, with a gamification logic that values the best agents.

It also caters for all startups, to support the Italian innovation ecosystem, and for the small and medium-sized enterprises, which nowadays would only spend several tens of thousands of Euros for the sole commercial launch – and also between research, training, contracts, etc… -. Thanks to YoAgents, they will instead have the ability to create their own sales structure at almost zero cost, paying only in the case of effective agents’ activation and with commissions on sales.

The YoAgents platform supports companies for the sale of their own digital services by following the entire process: from selection to profiling agents, from accounting  via reports, sales commissions-tracking, contracts, to the conclusion of the sale. YoAgents gives the ability to have fixed appointments, sales materials, chat support, order form and payment systems, also offering strategic, marketing and communication consulting.

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