YOUng A Digital Magics Napoli startup

YOUng is a social paper: online newspaper and social network.

YOUng is a media company founded in 2011 and incubated as an innovative startup in November 2012. It started as an independent publishing project financed through crowdfunding. Having obtained encouraging results –  consisting of an average of over 600,000 unique users and 2 million page views per month –  in Summer 2014, the portal has evolved into social paper. YOUng is an online newspaper and social network hybridk: its readers can in fact choose their favorite authors and contact them directly on the website via private chat and decide to become their followers, thus receiving a notification every time said reporter publishes new content.

In addition to the editorial section curated by professional journalists and publicists, YOUng also has a very innovative blog hosting platform which enables authors to monetize their visits using adsense codes in total autonomy. It also permits them to be contacted and followed by their readers in the same way provided for the reporters.

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