Aldo Toja is a programmer and entrepreneur in the IT sector involved with several Italian IT companies.

A graduate from the Milan Polytechnic University, with the title of Aerospace Engineering, Aldo is Co-Founder of Macro Web Media, Macro Web Media CED, Macro Web Media Immobiliare and Smartflow365.

He has always guided the group in the choice of which technologies to use on internal and external projects.

He personally follows developments, writing part of the code for projects, such as:

Eni Group e-procurement Interface, Eni Job Posting, Continental authoritative tyre exchange platform all over Italy, rewriting of the web application Epic SIM S.p.A., and many others.

He has experience in the field of web programming, and knowledge of modern development frameworks based on PHP language. He deals with the definition of application architectures and the definition of underlying middleware.

Current companies operating in the IT sector with investments by Aldo Toja:

  • Macro Web Media S.r.l.: Co-Founder and CTO
  • Macro Web Media CED S.r.l.: Co-Founder
  • Smartflow365 S.r.l: Co-Founder
  • nCore S.r.l.: Co-Founder and CTO
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