Enrico Ariotti is an entrepreneur involved in several companies operating in the IT sector.

In 1999 he founded Macro Web Media (, one of the first web agencies established in Italy and in 2001, he created one of the first vertical portals of Italian publishing:, an information portal on the Sony PlayStation console that claimed the delivery of over one million pages viewed each month: a record for the users in those years.

In 2006 he started his second company: Macro Web Media CED (, a company operating in the virtualisation outsourcing service (the term cloud and private cloud would not be coined until 4 years later).

In 2013 he established Macro Web Media Immobiliare, a company that owns and manages the properties used by the companies of the group.

In 2014 he created Bringtech (, a division specialising in smartworking, in 2015 Morebeacon ( a BaaS platform dedicated to Beacons and in 2016 Data Hunter (, a crawler that crosses unstructured data recovered from the web with premium and open data returning unpublished information (

In 2017 he became Co-Founder of SmartFlow365 (, a company that develops business processes with an innovative approach on Microsoft SharePoint platforms.

Enrico has a very wide twenty-year experience in the online industry, thanks to the specific technologies adopted by the companies for which he works, and to the projects commissioned in recent years by various companies.

Enrico’s profile is completed by his creativity; further to this skill as expert graphic, user interface and user experience designer, his ideas include, the sale of virtual outsourcing servers (private cloud) in 2006, Morebeacon, Data Hunter and many other projects up to nCore, nCore HR, nCore VOC, VOE and its related patents.

Current companies operating in the IT sector with investments by Enrico Ariotti:

  • Macro Web Media S.r.l.: Co-Founder and CEO
  • Macro Web Media CED S.r.l.: Co-Founder and CEO
  • Smartflow365 S.r.l: Co-Founder and Board of directors
  • nCore S.r.l.: Co-Founder and CEO
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