Fabrizio Macchia has experience in international arenas with over 15 years of involvement in Top Management with the leading Italian and multinational software and data communication companies. He works in a wide range of strategic areas and leads to the design and management of 6 projects for the European Community. After this long experience, in 1995 he founded Synergon Consulting firm for a competitive SME development, and he has established three more high tech companies (ICT, Visione Artificiale, Laser) growing up from start-ups to international status. In 2014, he has developed the first and innovative business method to foster Internationalization 2.0 ( based on digital data analytics technologies. He is also a member, trainer and researcher for GBS (National association for the development and the scientific research of social analysis) and PROSPERA (National association for the making of a leadership based on values of responsible commitment, transparency and intellectual honesty). He contributes to national magazines dealing with socio-economic and managerial issues. activities

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