Roberto Esposito (1985) is CEO and Founder of DeRev, Italian innovative startup devoted to crowdfunding and social media marketing. The company got the most relevant early stage operation in Italy with a 1.2 mln euro when founded in August, 2012. He starts as a blogger and digital activist, creating a 180k readers-per-day satirical blog to focus on unconventional news in 2009, as a reaction to Italian government’s attempt to impose laws limiting the freedom of expression. In 2011 he achieved the Guinness World Records for “most comments to a single post on Facebook” (560.000 comments) with a zero cost strategy, overcoming Zynga, the world leading provider of social game services, who leveraged comments giving vouchers to users. The same year Greenpeace International invites Esposito to take part in its protest campaign “Facebook: Unfriend coal” to push the social networking site to turn to renewable energy sources. The initiative mobilises more than 80.000 users in a few hours and generates comments in 16 languages, producing the most comments to a post on the social network in 24 hours (certified by the Guinness World Record). It also succeeds in forcing Facebook to subscribe to a new energy policy.

Already in the limelight, Esposito is asked to manage the marketing ofAmerica’s Cup World Series. His efforts bring 740.000 users to the web. In the same year, Sperling & Kupfer publishes Esposito’s firstcrowdsourced book, co-authored by 700.000 users. In 2013 and 2014 he takes part in and gives presentations at many prestigious events, including TEDx, Giffoni Film Festival, Eurocity Culture Forum, Meeting di Rimini, Maker Faire Rome and Innovation Day. In June 2013 in Bruxelles European Parliament and Microsoft include him among the “Digital Democracy Leaders”. In January 2015 he is one of the founders of Giffoni Innovation Hub, the business accelerator for cultural and artistic projects, startup and formats, launched in collaboration with Giffoni Experience.

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