Sergio Serafini studied at the Faculty of Law of Catania obtaining interesting awards including the appointment as a Director of the University. Studies and experience in the field of technological innovation, gained thanks to important startup and editorial projects, led him to invest in the sector. Since 2012 he has been appointed Councilor for Technological Innovation at the Municipality of Catania, obtaining important results with a low budget. It is still today the youngest Councilor in the history of the aforementioned municipality. After completing his public experience he invested in a startup (Giftsitter) that was then rewarded by the TIM #WCAP (Telecom Italia Mobile Working Capital) Accelerator in 2015 and selected among the best fintech startups of the year by Banca Sella. In Tripoow he is Head of Finance dept. and Project Manager, also making available its legal and economic expertise.

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